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Wondering What a Cleanroom is Exactly — Try for Yourself with Samooha’s Free Trial

Updated: May 19, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a first to market, a limited edition, free trial for cleanrooms. We believe collaboration is critical for enterprises to effectively grow through data-driven approaches. Leveraging data cleanrooms in a low barrier, turnkey fashion is key to ensuring enterprises can securely collaborate with each other without compromising their own data and/or their consumers’ data.

An enterprise's journey to secure data collaboration has historically been a long & arduous process. Most solutions do not make it easy for non-technical users to go hands on and leverage powerful customization capabilities. At Samooha, we believe any employee, irrespective of technical background, should be able to leverage the full power of data in a secure way.

Our free trial is meant to allow users to get familiar with a cleanroom and the Samooha product. You can access our no-code UI or leverage the Developer Edition to customize workload templates and even seamlessly push them into the UI.

Demystifying Cleanrooms

Building cleanroom solutions from the ground up requires a significant amount of investment.

Even with these investments it’s very difficult to create scalable solutions, so that you promote a culture of data-driven approaches across your organization while ensuring data security. Time and resources spent there could be used to directly help your businesses grow instead.

Decision makers and product managers within businesses very likely need to make a build vs buy decision when it comes to new technologies their organization requires. At Samooha, we aim to make this decision very easy for them. Our product philosophy is ease of use, while delivering impactful / complex features with a competitive pricing model. Below are a few manifestations of this philosophy:

  • Conversation Query Interface: In the Age of Generative AI, it’s only natural that users should be able to chat directly with a cleanroom. Samooha leverages OpenAI to adapt the language model to our API surface, making it possible to now converse with our application. This delivers solutions that are needed for ease of extracting results & insights from your cleanroom.

  • No-code Web UI: Our intuitive UI allows business users to setup / install cleanrooms and make analysis configurations without worrying about the code complexities. This provides solutions for effortless end-to-end cleanroom management.

  • Developer Edition: As a data scientist, customize analysis templates or machine learning models based on your business needs. You can even push these into the UI so non-technical collaborators can use your templates with a few clicks of a button. This delivers solutions around the ease & power of customizations in your cleanroom.

  • Flexible Privacy Controls: Leverage built in differential privacy and fixed threshold settings, which adds additional data privacy protections into the end-to-end encryption and governance layers in the cleanroom. This addresses customer needs around additional security guarantees required when sharing sensitive data.

We invite you to test our product with the release of this free trial offering. Secure data collaboration is now available at your fingertips!

Check back here or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more exciting updates!

Happy collaborating,

Team Samooha


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