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Samooha Clean Rooms Advance Innovation in Life Sciences & Healthcare

Secure data collaboration has been a long-standing need in the healthcare sector, where analyzing disparate patient health information must be executed in a privacy-preserving approach with limited data movement. By breaking down data silos, it unlocks an entire category of clinical and research-centric applications powered by data and AI.

As we expand our offering into the healthcare sector, we believe it is critical to forge ecosystem relationships that connect to existing workflows. We believe data clean rooms aren’t a siloed destination, but rather a connection to an existing workflow that has been established by the healthcare enterprise. As with many industry verticals and use cases, enabling a powerful identity and/or tokenization solution to enable collaboration within a clean room environment is the first order of business.

As such, today we’re announcing Samooha and Datavant are working together to bring secure collaboration using data clean rooms to de-identified data - unlocking and pioneering use cases in healthcare and life science. This collaboration allows healthcare organizations with AI/ML workloads to leverage the power of privacy-preserving tokenization paired with clean rooms for better analytics and deeper insights.

This natural synergy, where Samooha brings compute to the data source, eliminating the need for customers to copy their data, and Datavant as the leader in helping organizations securely connect health data, will ensure patient privacy is protected for use in a clean room environment to draw meaningful, actionable insights. Collaboration within and across healthcare enterprises can be particularly challenging and this paradigm shift, enabled by clean rooms, is critical to the data and technology forward movement of healthcare.

Customers will leverage Datavant to tokenize and de-identify their datasets and Samooha as the easy-to-use clean room infrastructure for analytics – making the end-to-end process frictionless across multiple teams in an enterprise. Datavant will serve as the record linkage and identity resolution layer, enabling multiple data sets to be compliantly connected at the patient level and unlocking a plethora of use cases across the Healthcare sector:

  • Improved internal data sharing governance: the ability to query across the organization with appropriate controls in place helps ensure sensitive information is protected and accessed only by authorized persons.

  • Accelerating time-to-market for life sciences: for example, tracking patients lost to follow-up, assessing the safety & efficacy of new treatments, and generating real-world evidence to support regulatory submissions.

  • Enhanced patient journey insights: organizations can better understand trends and patterns in patient health and behavior by securely analyzing disparate datasets at the patient level. These longitudinal insights can improve diagnostics, enable more targeted interventions, and ultimately strengthen healthcare delivery to improve patient outcomes.

  • AI-powered features and efficiencies in healthcare: enable secure AI/ML training including LLM training and inference using automated redaction, privatized prompt engineering, and secure training leveraging privacy enhancing technologies.

You can learn more about Samooha’s solution and how we work with Datavant by connecting at

Find additional details from Datavant’s blog post here.

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