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By bringing compute to data

About Us

Easy and secure collaboration can unlock the real power of data and create exponential enterprise, consumer, and societal value.
Founded on this belief, Samooha democratizes access to secure data collaboration and empowers businesses to fully harness the power of their data ecosystem.

Having built privacy-enhancing technologies at scale and bringing them to life with delightful products at Apple and Microsoft, Kamakshi and Abhishek are set out on a mission to democratize it for all. Samooha is building the big easy and safe button for secure enterprise data collaboration.

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Kamakshi has a successful track record of founding and building successful enterprise marketing and advertising companies, most recently, Drawbridge.

Abhishek is a domain expert in privacy enhancing technologies with 12+ yrs in the space from innovation to deployment at scale, most recently, at Apple.


Transform your career by being a part of the movement at Samooha!

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