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Samooha agrees to be acquired by Snowflake to simplify interoperable Clean Rooms in the Data Cloud

We are excited to announce Samooha has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Snowflake, a strategic step forward to manifest our vision of making secure data collaboration accessible to every enterprise. Snowflake’s acquisition of Samooha is subject to customary closing conditions.

Our founding hypothesis has been that the newest frontier of data and AI will be built on secure data sharing and collaboration foundations. With the AI revolution coming fast at us, the need for security, privacy, sovereignty and safety of consumer and enterprise data has become one  of the most important digital constitutional rights. It is now imperative that all modern data clouds recognize this as a foundational requirement and support it as a first class feature. Snowflake has been a pioneer not only in recognizing this early on but also investing in technology and features for secure data collaboration.

Samooha previously partnered with Snowflake and collaborated to build a Data Clean Room (DCR) native application empowering enterprises to achieve tangible business value with their data across use cases in media, advertising and other industry use cases. Leveraging the Snowflake Native App Framework, Samooha clean rooms, further backed by privacy enhancing technologies, now go beyond restricted SQL queries to advanced machine learning and AI workloads that dig deeper into common enterprise data patterns. This enables every enterprise employee to become an active data scientist putting enterprise and customer data to work without being constrained around a technical resource plan and roadmap.

Built exclusively on Snowflake, Samooha offers both technical and business users product environments with industry specific workflows. Samooha’s intuitive product experience and interface makes it easy to build data clean rooms that run natively in the Data Cloud. Samooha joining Snowflake, enhances Snowflake’s ability to help enterprise’s to collaborate in a seamless way, with governance, privacy and security of their data at the core. Businesses and enterprises like healthcare providers, financial institutions, and large media platforms can now create strong edges of value exchange and connectivity across their respective partner and customer ecosystem.  

We are excited to join Snowflake to continue the mission of making collaboration and sharing securely to power high impact applications across enterprises in any industry. 

We’re looking forward to trailblazing the next era of secure data collaboration as part of Snowflake.

Kamakshi & Abhishek

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