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Samooha has built a first-in-class developer mode that enables users to develop applications using our cleanrooms. Samooha leverages powerful APIs which can help users to manage the lifecycle of cleanrooms, create, run various secure analytics and share them with consumers.

A cleanroom is a cryptographically secure environment that protects the data present inside it. Cleanrooms only run specific analysis/algorithms enabled by the creator of the cleanroom. Additionally, a layer of protection is added through the use of differential privacy techniques while only exposing aggregated results externally. Cleanrooms guarantee that no user or process can read/write data except for algorithms provided by the cleanroom creator.

There are generally 2 parties/companies involved in the lifecycle of a cleanroom:

The Provider creates a cleanroom, adds the necessary data, sets-up the policies, adds the relevant analyses and then shares it with consumers.

The Consumer receives a cleanroom shared from a Provider account. Consumers can install a cleanroom, add their own data, and run any analysis supported with appropriate arguments passed to the analysis templates contained inside the cleanroom.

Analyses are algorithms that are run inside a cleanroom. The Provider chooses which analyses are enabled for a specific cleanroom, and then consumer can choose to run one of those analyses.

Each analysis comes with a customizable SQL template. These templates can be made available to the customer on request.


All Samooha developer libraries come bundled as part of the native app available in Snowflake Marketplace that work out-of-the-box. The following information is included as reference

Account Types
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